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We tell the truth about fitness,
Freeing you to enjoy the process,
Discover who you really are, 
And defy expectations!


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Our promise to you is a no-BS, truthful, and real exercise-science backed training protocol, practiced throughout our small-group and personal training options.
The process towards the "real you" is simple, but not easy. You already have all the tools, but often simply lack the initial discipline of consistent practice to make lasting change.
It all starts with our initial inspiration to make a change, but inspiration is fleeting, as we all know. We need discipline to physically begin the process. Discipline brings with it, in time, results. Those results provide motivation to keep going, and then, with that motivation on board, we will circle back to inspiration, to acheive new personal goals.
We often labour under the mistaken notion that we need to wait for some magical motivation in order to get started. How has that honestly worked out for you in the past? If you are still waiting, DoStrength will help you find it, in the real and honest way it must be dicovered!
Inspiration - Discipline - Motivation
If you want a good idea of what we are all about, watch this DocMorris ad:





Personal Training: One-On-One, or two-person Partner-Training




$125/Session, Package of 12

$115/Session, Package of 24




$90pp/Session, Package of 12

$85pp/Session, Package of 24


Group-Fitness: Monday/Wednesday/Friday


Kettlebell Plus, 6:00am & 9:00am

$349/monthly membership


Low-Impact Circuit, 10:30am

$269/monthly membership


Girl's Self-Defence 14+:  Monday/Wednesday


Female Empowerment with
Wing Tsun Kung Fu, 4:00pm

$149/monthly membership

Private lessons: $100/Session